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The 1st Proteintech Global Distributors Meeting | A Tough Act to Follow

Deborah March 6, 2014

  The invitations were sent far around the globe: “Most valued distributor, your presence is required at the Inaugural Proteintech Distributors Meeting” said the message within. The day was set: The 27th day of February 2014. Acceptance would mean long-distance travel, jet lag, expense and even missing important personal events; it was an invitation not… Continue Reading »


Imaging a Hidden Universe | A Story of Stress Granules

Deborah January 10, 2014

  Nancy Kedersha is a researcher based at Harvard Medical School and director of a confocal microscopy facility at the Brigham and Women´s Hospital in Boston, MA. A pioneer in the field of stress granule research, she was one of the very first to discover these dynamic structures, and to show that they form in… Continue Reading »


Ion Channels Facilitate the Spread of Glioma

Deborah December 6, 2013

    By Deborah Grainger In the Neuroscience 2013 Special Lecture “Glioma: A Neurocentric Look at Cancer” Harald Sontheimer, at the climax of his talk, challenged neuroscientists to take a fresh look at brain cancer, to view it from the perspective of neuroscience instead of  from a  predominantly oncological one — the main thrust behind glioma research… Continue Reading »


FTLD and ALS: Exploring Their Differences with Proteintech Antibodies

Deborah October 1, 2012

Several Proteintech antibodies have recently appeared in an Acta Neuropathologica paper further distinguishing the pathomechanisms behind FTLD-FUS and ALS with FUS mutations (ALS-FUS) [1]. The paper results from an international collaboration of several labs — including those of neuropathology experts Manuela Neumann (Tübingen, Germany) and Ian Mackenzie (Vancouver, Canada). The work describes differences in the… Continue Reading »

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