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Antibodies for Stress Granule Research

admin January 10, 2014

    Eukaryotic cells have evolved sophisticated strategies to combat a barrage of cellular stresses. Under stress, a cell’s main priority is to conserve energy and divert the rest toward survival, and where possible, recovery. Stress granules help by limiting protein production to just the essential proteins needed for survival. They act as foci of… Continue Reading »


COMT antibody focus: Urinary exosomes used to identify novel kidney proteins

admin July 2, 2013

Proteintech’s rabbit polyclonal Catechol O-methyltransferase (COMT) antibody features in new research published in the Journal of Proteomics. All epithelial cells are now known to produce exosomes, and renal epithelial cells – including podocytes and the tubular epithelium – are no exception. Moreover, the urinary exosomes they release could be of great pathophysiological importance as they… Continue Reading »


MEF2C Antibody Features in Nature Biotechnology

admin February 26, 2013

Myocyte-specific enhancer factor 2, encoded by the MEF2C gene, is a well-established transcription factor involved in skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle cell development. More recently, its role in brain development and function has also entered the research spotlight; the importance of MEF2C has been demonstrated in neural stem cells (NSCs), and by the observation of… Continue Reading »


Parkinson’s Disease Research Featuring Proteintech Antibodies

admin October 4, 2012

The Proteintech blog takes a look at three Proteintech antibodies and the supporting roles they have played in Parkinson’s disease research. TDP-43 Proteintech’s TDP-43 antibody (10782-2-AP) is used in a wide range of research into neurological conditions, and has recently appeared in Parkinsonism-related research in Neuroscience Letters. The authors examined brain tissues exhibiting α-synucleinopathy, i.e…. Continue Reading »


FTLD and ALS: Exploring Their Differences with Proteintech Antibodies

Deborah October 1, 2012

Several Proteintech antibodies have recently appeared in an Acta Neuropathologica paper further distinguishing the pathomechanisms behind FTLD-FUS and ALS with FUS mutations (ALS-FUS) [1]. The paper results from an international collaboration of several labs — including those of neuropathology experts Manuela Neumann (Tübingen, Germany) and Ian Mackenzie (Vancouver, Canada). The work describes differences in the… Continue Reading »


Antibodies Relevant to New Breast Cancer Data

admin May 9, 2012

In April the results of a large study into breast cancer genetics were published in Nature. This ground breaking study revealed at least 10 genetically distinct subtypes of the disease, illuminating that breast cancer heterogeneity is more complex than thought initially. This article describes some of the antibodies  available in the Proteintech catalog in the context* of… Continue Reading »


Matrix Metalloproteinase Antibodies

admin March 6, 2012

The study of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) is highly relevant to cancer research, particularly in the area of metastasis. Secreted into the extracellular matrix (ECM), these zinc-dependent endopeptidases are capable of degrading many kinds of ECM protein and facilitating invasion and migration. Conversely they can also inhibit metastasis in certain scenarios. Proteintech has a collection of… Continue Reading »

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