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The 1st Proteintech Global Distributors Meeting | A Tough Act to Follow

Deborah March 6, 2014

  The invitations were sent far around the globe: “Most valued distributor, your presence is required at the Inaugural Proteintech Distributors Meeting” said the message within. The day was set: The 27th day of February 2014. Acceptance would mean long-distance travel, jet lag, expense and even missing important personal events; it was an invitation not… Continue Reading »


Ion Channels Facilitate the Spread of Glioma

Deborah December 6, 2013

    By Deborah Grainger In the Neuroscience 2013 Special Lecture “Glioma: A Neurocentric Look at Cancer” Harald Sontheimer, at the climax of his talk, challenged neuroscientists to take a fresh look at brain cancer, to view it from the perspective of neuroscience instead of  from a  predominantly oncological one — the main thrust behind glioma research… Continue Reading »


Is a Treatment for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Within Grasp?

admin October 18, 2013

  by Deborah Grainger Last week our attention was turned to an article on the BBC News website, which hails one of the biggest discoveries in neurodegenerative disease research of 2013: scientists based at the University of Leicester, UK, may have found a way of stopping neurodegeneration in its tracks. It could mean that an effective treatment… Continue Reading »


ICI 2013 Report: Nicotine Linked to Lowering Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

admin August 30, 2013

  The link between smoking and multiple sclerosis (MS) has been on our radars for at least a decade, but the exact mechanism underlying this relationship has yet to be defined completely. Nicotine, unsurprisingly, is frequently picked out of the line-up of potential suspects, with past studies leaning towards the guilty verdict. However, there is… Continue Reading »


PD-L1 and Lung Cancer Research: Pathways to Promising Immunotherapies

admin April 24, 2013

  Lung cancer remains a leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide due to its often advanced stage at discovery, in combination with its difficult-to-treat and complex nature. Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), for example, classifies some 85 per cent of lung cancer cases, and tumors in this category can harbor mutations in any of several… Continue Reading »


Speech and Language Associated Genes: An Overview

admin March 1, 2013

The human capacity for vocal communication is unrivaled throughout the animal kingdom, though our genetic make-up only differs from our closest relatives by a percent or two. Researchers are beginning to unravel the neurogenetic pathways that enable this unparalleled capability for speech. Initial clues have been unearthed in the identification of genes associated with developmental… Continue Reading »


Unlocking Human MND Models:Do Skin Cells Hold the Key?

admin November 30, 2012

A matter of decades ago, the idea of turning a humble skin cell into a live, firing nerve cell would have seemed impossible; perhaps deemed the result of reading too many science fiction novels. Yet in a paper published earlier this year in PNAS, an international collaboration of researchers has done exactly this — essentially… Continue Reading »

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