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Loading control antibodies from Proteintech

admin July 8, 2010

Loading controls are used to determine whether samples have been loaded equally across a gel. They also serve as internal positive controls in determining that all reagents are functioning properly and to assess the transfer of protein during western blotting. They are normally general cellular proteins but more specific markers are sometimes used for subcellular… Continue Reading »


ACTB and the actin family

admin June 16, 2010

Actins are a family of highly conserved cytoskeletal proteins that are involved in cell motility, structure, and integrity. Vertebrates have six actin isoforms. Two are found in striated muscle (α-skeletal and α-cardiac), two in smooth muscle (α- and γ-SMA) and two are cytoplasmic (β-CYA and γ-CYA, called ACTB and ACTG1 respectively). Muscle actins are tissue… Continue Reading »

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