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Making Connections: Palladin and Breast Cancer Associated-Stroma

admin April 19, 2012

This week the 28th IABCR/Breakthrough Breast Cancer Conference took place in Manchester, UK, focusing on the role of stroma in breast cancer. Here our resident blogger discusses the potential relationship between recent work featuring Proteintech’s anti-palladin antibody, describing the protein’s role in cancer-associated fibroblast activation, and breast cancer research. Stroma, connective and supportive frameworks of cells that… Continue Reading »


Guest Blog – The ADAM Family: Key to Breast Cancer Metastasis?

admin March 6, 2012

By Henry Stanley ADAM12, a member of the ADAM (‘a disintegrin and metalloprotease’) protein family, has piqued the interest of the breast cancer research community. Discovered more than a decade ago, ADAM12‘s role in many cellular and physiological processes is well established: from fertilization to neurogenesis. However, recent research using Proteintech Group antibodies is uncovering… Continue Reading »

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