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Stem Cell Star

admin February 7, 2012

LIN28 I’ve voted LIN28 (11724-1-AP) our stem cell star antibody as it is one of our best in this area and is often used as a stem cell marker (see image). It first appeared in a publication featuring in Nature Genetics in 2009, describing how LIN28, and homolog LIN28B, block let-7 microRNA (miRNAs) precursors from being processed… Continue Reading »


LIN28 antibody in recent Nature Genetics paper

admin June 29, 2010

LIN28 is one of several reprogramming factors that allow the derivation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from somatic sources, thus by-passing the need for embryonic stem (ES) cells. It acts as a ‘translational enhancer’, driving specific mRNAs to polysomes and increasing the efficiency of protein synthesis. LIN28 also acts as a suppressor of miRNA… Continue Reading »

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