Special ELISA kit promotion

Proteintech ELISA kits just $199 for a limited time!

Save $200! Order a Proteintech ELISA kit for just $199.

To redeem this offer use the promo code below when ordering direct from Proteintech. 


Please note: ELISA kits priced at $599 will not be included in this promotion. Click here for a full list of included products.

Offer available in the US and Europe only.

Why choose Proteintech ELISA kits?

Proteintech provides a wide range of two-site sandwich ELISA kits. All of which are highly sensitive and ready to use.  Each Proteintech sandwich ELISA kit has been rigorously assessed for intra- and inter-assay variability and data show high levels of assay consistency and sample recovery (provided with every datasheet).

Here’s what you can expect from Proteintech ELISA kits:

  • Quick and simple to use.

  • High sensitivity and broad assay range.

  • Detects quantitative protein level in serum, plasma or supernatant of cell lysates. 

  • Delivers consistent results with high reproducibility.

Popular Proteintech ELISA kits:  Interleukin

Here's just a small collection of ELISA kits included in this promotion. Follow the link below to browse the full range.

KE00017 Interleukin 2 Was $399 now   $199
KE00016 Interleukin 4 Was $399 now   $199
KE00007 Interleukin 6 Was $399 now $199
KE00006 Interleukin 8 Was $399 now $199
KE00012 Interleukin 10 Was $399 now $199
KE00014 Interleukin 28B Was $399 now $199
Browse all Proteintech ELISA kits here

Full terms and conditions and exclusions apply.   Offer ends March 31, 2018.

Terms and conditions

  • This promotion is only available in the US and Europe.

  • Discounted ELISA kits are priced at £199 in the UK and  €199 in Europe.

  • This promotion is only available to end users. Distributors are not included.

  • ELISA kits priced at $399 can be purchased for $199 using the promo code GNOV17ELISA.

  • This promotion excludes all ELISA kits priced at $599. Refer to the list of promo exclusions     here.

  • Proteintech reserves the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.

  • Usual shipping costs will still apply.

  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

  • This promotion is valid until March 31 2018.


1 November, 2017


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